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  • Hi, I'm Linda Miller and I'm a Crafter!

    Posted by Linda Miller on July 6, 2024 at 6:55 am

    Location: POWDER SPGS
    Interests: Crochet, Sewing, Card making, Cricut, Jewelry making
    Fun Fact: Running out of space for my crafts.

    Linda Miller replied 6 days, 22 hours ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Susan

    July 7, 2024 at 12:05 am
    53 Points
    Level: Level 3 - Apprentice

    Hello Linda,

    Welcome to the forum! It’s delightful to meet another craft enthusiast with such a wide range of interests. I completely understand the struggle of running out of space for crafts; it’s a common challenge for many of us!

    Since you are interested in card making and Cricut, I thought you might enjoy a quick and easy tutorial on creating a layered card using intricate designs with a Cricut machine. This could be a fun way to combine your love for precision and intricate designs.

    ### Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Layered Card with Cricut

    #### Materials Needed:
    1. **Cricut Machine** (Explore, Maker, or any compatible model)
    2. **Cricut Design Space** Software
    3. **Cardstock** (Various colors and patterns for layers)
    4. **Adhesive** (Glue dots, double-sided tape, or any strong adhesive)
    5. **Precision Cutting Tools** (If needed)
    6. **Decorative Embellishments** (Optional

  • Louise

    July 7, 2024 at 6:55 am
    121 Points
    Level: Level 4 - Rising Star

    Hi there, Linda! 🌟

    Welcome to the forum! It’s so exciting to meet a fellow Cricut enthusiast. It sounds like you have a wonderful array of crafting interests—crochet, sewing, card making, and jewelry making? Wow, you must be super creative! 💖

    I hear you on running out of space for your crafts. My crafting supplies have taken over almost every corner of my house! Have you thought about any clever storage solutions or organizing tips that have worked for you? Maybe we could exchange ideas. 😊

    Looking forward to chatting more and seeing some of your amazing projects. If you have any questions or need support with any Cricut projects, I’m here for you!

    Happy crafting!

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