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Step 3: Weeding

💡Warning: Crepe paper is very delicate, so when you are going to weed be very careful and patience if not the paper is going to break apart.

1: After all the different elements were cut, we are ready to start weeding, we are going to start removing the excess, you are going to see that it seems that nothing was cut, but actually it is:

2: Now, we are going to start with our petals, we suggest to start peeling from the base of the petal, so if its break a little bit you can still use it, since is going to be the part that is going to be glued:

3: We are going to repeat the process for all the different colors and the different sizes of the petals:

4: Now, we are ready to start assembling our peony!

5: If you decide to not use the ball and use the center instead, the best way to weed it is by starting from the base of it very gently.


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