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Step 4: Assembling the Flowers

1: You are going to wrap the foam ball with the same color of your petals using hot glue:

2: Starting with the small petals, you are going to apply hot glue on the bottom of the petals, and going to start gluing them into the ball:

3: Follow by the medium petals:

4: Before starting with the largest petals, you are going to add the floral wire (inserted into the ball) and then going to wrap the wire with the largest petals:

5: If you prefer the peony to be more close, you can add some dots of glue between the layer to hold them together:

6: Also if you prefer the petals to have more movement, you can hold them all together with your hand:

7: And you have these amazing peonies that you can use to decorate any empty vase! 

8: If you also decided to use the center instead of the foam ball, you are going to use hot glue to glue the base of the center to one of the floral wires and roll them over to the end and apply also hot glue at the end of the string:

9: After that you are going to apply the petals the same as you did with your foam ball, but making sure to wrap the wire with each one of the petals:

10: When you are done with all your petals, you have a different peony! You can also apply some dots of glue here to hold the petals between each other if you prefer. 

You are ready to use your flowers! GREAT JOB!


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