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Step 1: Create The Design

1: First we are going to install the fonts that we are going to use in our design. In order to do this, you need to download the font that we are providing. After that, follow the steps that are showing on your device in order to finish the installation. 

The fonts that we are going to use are called: PTSerifCaption and Python Script Demo. Download them by clicking on the links.

For MacOS, the steps to install the font you have to double click on the font location, then  click on install font:

πŸ’‘Tip: You need to make sure that Design Space is closed before installing the new font, if not you have to close it and open it again in order to see the font listed on your Fonts types in Design Space.

2: We are going to create a new project with a blank canvas, and the first thing is to add a Square, using the shapes functionality. 

We are going to resize the square to the following dimensions: W: 10.5” and H: 17.5” that is in our case the physical frame that we are going to use and we are going to change the color to match our physical frame color (this is only for visual purposes)

πŸ’‘Tip: We are using an square instead a rectangle, because we need square corners and not rounded ones. Also, if your physical frame is another shape, change the dimensions and the shape accordingly.

3: We are going to upload the Mason Jar Image (Mason Jar.svg) by using the upload tool and following the steps in there:

After you click on the Upload Image button, you search the location in which you previously saved the image. Then you clicked on Continue button at the right bottom of your screen:

In the next screen you can change the name or add tags and then click on Upload button

Your jar is now showing in your canvas:

4: We are going to resize our jar so it’s a more accurate size based on our physical frame, in our case we are going to use: W: 5.08” and H: 8.91”

5: We are going to add some text to our jar, in our case we are going to write HOME and we are going to use the font that we installed previously:

And we are going to duplicate this word, by selecting the text and then going to Edit, and in there Duplicate.

You should have something like:

πŸ’‘Tip: You can also, duplicate an element by selecting the element and in your keyboard using the following keys: Command / Ctrl + D OR you can just write it with the text functionality one more time.

6: Using, one more time the Text  functionality, we are going to write: Sweet, and we are going to change the font to Phyton Script Demo, that we also installed previously:

7: Now that we have our phase, we are going to resize it and rearrange it inside our jar, like:

8: Once we like the size and how we arrange it, we are going to align them horizontally:

9: Now, we are going Attach our phrase/Text to our jar, we select all the words, and the jar and we click on Attach functionality:

After we attach them, you should be able to see something like:

πŸ’‘Tip: We are doing this, because we want that the background of the text is going to be our physical frame, so make sure that the words are in CUT operation, if not change them to cut (some fonts by default are in the Print then Cut Operation)

10: Now, we are ready to start adding the flowers and leaves that we are going to cut and add to our design. By using the upload functionality (the same as the jar) we are going to add the following images and we are going to resize them with the following measurements:

  • Leaves: W: 2.43” and H: 2.44”
    • We are going to use 3 pairs of leaves all with the same size and color
  • Carnations: W: 3.91” and H: 4.33” and W: 6.36” and H: 7.65”
    • We are going to use 1 of each size and the final diameter for these flowers are: 1” and 1.5” approx. respectively.
  • Carnations by petals: W: 7.76” and 8.76” and W: 5.37” and H: 2.95”
    • We are going to use one of each size and their final diameter is: 0.75” and 1.75” approx.

πŸ’‘Tip: For this particular flower, I do not like the little circle in the middle, so you can hide it, by welding a circle over the design, to do this, you ungroup the flowers, add an small circle over the circle of the flower, weld it, proceed to do the same for all the different petals and then group them again so when you resize the elements are all resize accordingly.

  • Roses: W: 4.552” and H: 3.614” and W: 8.763” and H:6.974”
    • We are going to use 1 small and 2 big ones. Their final diameter is: 1” and 2.5” approx. respectively.
  • Daisies: W: 6.81” and H: 6.024”, W: 7.44” and H:6.58” and W: 8.94” and H:7.90”
    • We are going to use 1 of each size. Their final diameter is: 1”, 2”  and 2.5”  approx. respectively.

πŸ’‘Tip: Remember that the size that we are arranging the flowers are based on the physical frame, also you can add more or less flowers, different sizes or other flowers that you like. Also, for the flowers, we are not going to use ANY of the green parts, because they are not going be visible, so in order to hide them or delete them you have 2 options:

A- At the moment of the cut, you just ignore the green mat in where the leaves are showing

B- You choose the flower, and then in the layers section you click on the small eye icon that is showing next to the green parts and you hide it.

After you click on the eye icon, you should see something like:

11: We are going to save our Design since we are ready to cut:

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