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Step 2: Cut The Design

1: Before start cutting our design, we need to make sure that we are going to cut with the right cricut machine, in order to do this, we are going to click on Maker in the top Right Menu, next to Make Green button and in there, we are going to chose our machine, in our case we are using a Cricut Maker

2: We are ready to start cutting, so you are going to click on the MAKE green button.

3: We are going to click on Continue, and in there we are going to browse for the material that we are going to physically cut, in our case we have 2 different types of material:

  • Vase: Is going to be Vinyl, so we are going to use the following configuration:
  • Flowers and Leaves: Are going to be cardstock and all the same type, so we are going to use the following configuration:

4: We are going to use for all the different cuts, our green mat, when we have our different materials on the mats, we are going to upload them to the machine and 

we are going to click on the Cut button and the machine is going to start cutting and you are going to be able to see the progress of the cut on your device screen.

💡Tip: If your blade is not new, we normally use MORE in the cutting pressure, and that is why on the screen you are going to see that says passes while is cutting.

5: After all the elements are cut, we are ready to start weeding our design.

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