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Step 5: Apply The Design To The Frame

1: We are going to start with our jar. Since we are using Vinyl, we can transfer it to our frame using transfer tape or by transferring it directly to the frame.

With the help of my fingers and the scraper, we were making sure that the vinyl was secure before continuing to peel the back part.

💡WARNING: In our case, my frame background did not like transfer tape, and start pulling the background out, so we have to take a different approach, and was NOT TO USE transfer tape and transfer the vinyl directly to the frame. We have to cut the design one more time in order to be able to apply it.

 Please test your transfer tape alone first over your materials to ensure that when you are peeling it is not going to affect your physical frame:

2: After our mason jar was transferred, we can start applying the flowers, in our case first we accommodate the flowers over the jar until we like the way that they looked:

3: Then, using hot silicone we start adding the silicone at the bottom of each flower and start gluing them into the jar:

After all the flowers are glued, you should have something similar to:

💡Tip: Be really careful with the hot silicone, use it with caution!

4: Now, we are going to add some green with our leaves, we also applied some ink into the borders, you can add also some movement if you want:

5: At this point, it is up to you if you want to add more flowers, more greenery, some extra embellishment to the frame, like a ribbon, a bow, or just leave it like this. If you are happy with your design… YOU DID IT!!!! You created this beautiful decor!

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