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Step 1: Create The Design

1: In order to be able to start our Design, we are going to access our Design Space application and in there we are going to click on the + New Project Green button located on the top Right corner of our screen.

2: After we clicked in there, we are going to be able to access our Blank Canvas, in where we are going to start creating our Design:

2: We are going to upload our flowers by using the upload functionality and you are going to upload the following images:

Click on Upload Image button and then in the next screen you are going to browse on your physical device and add them:

After you add the image, you can click on Continue button:

On the next screen you can add a name or a Tag and then click on Upload and it is going to be added to your canvas after this.

You are going to do this same process with all the different flowers 

💡Tip: You have to upload each file individually, but you can all of them together to the canvas by clicking on each image and then click on add to canvas button.

3: We are going to change the color of the flowers to match our physical cardstock, you are going to select the element that you want to change the color and then click on the small square next to operations drop down and in there you can select the desire color:

4: We are going to resize the flowers to match our physical cardstock, we are going to select the element that we want to resize and then go to the top bar and in there we are going to add the desire measurement:

5: For the flower Cone Dahlia we are going to ungroup all the elements, by clicking on the element and then right click on your mouse, and in there click ungroup:

6: We are going to select on the Cone Dahlia lines and we are going to change the operation to PEN instead of cut:

7: Now, we are going to select the lines and the circle and we are going to attach them together:

💡Tip: We use the attach functionality so the machine can understand where needs to be drawn the lines.

💡Tip 2: If you are going to resize this particular flower, you need to Group all the element again, doing the same process as when we ungroup the elements.

8: After we added all the images to our canvas, we are going to take a look at the measurements and make sure that all of them look as expected.

  • Cone Dahlia: W: 12” and H: 8.312
  • Rose: W: 35.32” and H: 19.52”

💡Tip: This measurements are not the actual cardstock size this is the size of all the pieces combine together, so do not panic about those measurements, you need to be concern if each of the individual pieces are bigger than 11.75” x 11.75”

  • Flower: W: 11” and H: 9.33”

After we add all of  them, you should be able to see something like:

9: We are only going to do one flower of each in different colors, but feel free to add more flowers and different colors and sizes to see how different they are and the different dimensions. To add more flowers you go to the Upload functionality and in there click on the image that you want to add and then click on Add to Canvas button

10: We are going to save our Design since we are ready to cut:

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