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Step 3: Assembling The Scrapbook Page

After all the parts are cut, we are going to start assembling our Scrapbook Sheet.

1- We are going to glue our white sheet to out green/aqua base (the one that we did not cut)

2- Now, on the top part of our white shee we are going to glue the 3 different blue (in our case) squares:

3- We are going to start cutting one of our design papers by hand.. Yes by hand!!! If you prefer you can use scissors with patterns .

💡 Tip: you can use the whole dimension of the Green Sheet, our base or the one related to the white sheet, in our case we are going to use as a base the white shee to cut our paper 

4-  You are going to repeat STEP 3, with the other 3 papers, or the amount of papers of your choice, the idea is that the four of them have different sizes, so we can overlap them! 

5- After you have them all “cut” you are going to glue them in the way that you like! Here, just let your imagination flow!

6- Now we are glue them to our base sheet:

7- We are going to proceed to add the banners, remember that we provide only a guide, and that you can change the design as you are assembling your sheet!

💡 Tip:  As a personal taste the 2 white banners were to plain, so we decided to apply some ink on the borders before gluing them into the base sheet. If you do not have ink, you can color them if you wanted to add a little bit more character to the design.

💡 Tip 2: Difference between Print and Cut and Draw:

8-  On the bottom banner, I do not like how the print and cut look on the design, so I have some Letter stickers so I decided to change the phrase. 

💡 Tip: And here is why we are mentioning that you can let your imagination flow! Sometimes on Design Space the design looks amazing, but when you start assembling them you want to change things, and that IS OK!!!!

9-Is time to add some embellishments, could be stickers, foam stickers, hearts cut by hand, you name it! Everything that you want!

10- Add the pictures! And your Scrapbook sheet is done!!! AMAZING JOB! This idea is perfect for B-days, Anniversaries, Just Because, Valentine’s… 

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