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Step 4: Apply The Design

1: We are going to grab our wood sign and we are going to place the design over it before starting the transfer to make sure that everything looks as expected and we are going to start transferring the Spring part first and then Hello with the help of our scraper tool:

After you transferred both texts, you should have something like:

💡Tip: You need to peel the transfer tape very slowly, if the vinyl is not full adhere to the wood, you need to apply more pressure with the help of your scraper and try to peel it again.

2: We are going to proceed with the 3 branches, always following as a guide the design that we created in Design Space:

3: After this.. We are going to start with the different flowers, applying them one by one:

4: As the last step, we are going to add the leaves, We end up using 11 leaves instead of the 12 that we originally planned.

5: After adding the leaves you are done with your beautiful sign to welcome the Spring Season! You Did IT! Great JOB!

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