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Step 4: Apply The Design To The Wood

1: We are going to grab our wood square sign and we are going to place the design over it before starting the transfer to make sure that everything looks as expected 

2: Now starting with the “Hello” world we are going to use the scraper, a ruler or our finger and we are going to rub it over the design, making sure that it is adhering to the wood. We are going to start peeling the transfer tape very carefully:

💡Tip: You need to peel the transfer tape very slowly, if the vinyl is not full adhere to the wood, you need to apply more pressure with the help of your scraper and try to peel it again.

💡Tip 2: After the peel if there is an air bubble you can use the scrapper or your finger to rub over it until is gone.

3: Now we are going to proceed with the white element, we are going to follow the same process as before.

4: Once both pieces are fully transferred, you can use the ruler, scraper or your finger to make sure that the whole vinyl was fully transferred and that no air bubbles remain.

5: After this.. Your Wood sign is ready to place it in your favorite spot!

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