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Step 3: Assembling Our Scrapbook

After all the parts are cut, we are going to start assembling our Scrapbook Sheet. I decided to use a theme paper based on dots, but you can use any paper with the design that you like the most!

1- We are going fold our card/sheet following the lines that were scored, the middle scored needs to stayed inside the card, you should have something like this:

2- Now, we are going to glue the 2 bigger rectangles, one on each side:

3- Now, we are going to glue together the 6 rectangles that we have left, in pairs, you should have something like:

4- We are going to start gluing our small rectangles to our card, we are going to glue one of the rectangles to the left side of the card that we folded:

5- We are going to proceed with the second rectangle and we are going to glue it to the right side of the card that we folded:

6- Now, we are going to glue the last rectangle and we are going to glue them on the left side, like STEP 4:

7- After the 3 rectangles were glued, our interior is done!

8-  We are going to glue the 2 hexagons together:

9- Now, we are going to close the card, and we are going to add the strip, and we are going to glue only the unions in the middle, not too tight, so we can remove it and add it again to keep our card closed.

10- Add the pictures! And your Scrapbook Pocket Card is DONE!!!! AMAZING JOB! This idea is perfect for B-days, Anniversaries, Just Because, Valentine’s… or anything that you want!

💡Tip: You can add some embellishment in the front of the card like stickers

💡Tip 2: If you have some ink, you can add it to the border of the card so it has more character, at this point you can use your imagination and add everything that you want!

Below is the same finished product, but adding some ink color in the borders of the whole card:

Finally, add your own photos to make it your own!

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