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Step 1.1: Create Vase

1: We are going to create a new project with a blank canvas, and the first thing is to add a Square, using the shapes functionality. 

We are going to resize the square to the following dimensions: W: 11.41” and H: 5.851” and change the color to a dark red.

πŸ’‘Tip: We are using an square instead a rectangle, because we need square corners and not rounded ones.

2: Now, we are going to add a second square, and we are going to resize it to the following measurements: W: 11.41” and H: 6.456” and change the color to blue.

3: We are going to select and scoreline from the shapes functionality, and we are going to change the operation to basic cut (so it is not an scoreline anymore).

4: We are going to change the dimension to: H: 4.65”

5: We are going to duplicate the line 17 times, you can select the scoreline and inside the Edit menu, click on Duplicate 17 times, you are going to have 18 lines.

πŸ’‘Tip: You can also, duplicate an element by selecting the element and in your keyboard using the following keys: Command / Ctrl + D 

6: Now you are going to separate each line between each other by 0.62”, how we are going to do this, well we are going to use another line and add the height as 0.62 and then we are going to rotate it to 270 degrees, we need 19 of this lines. Something like:

After you have all of them, you can remove the horizontal lines and you are going to select all the vertical lines and using the Align functionality you are going to choose Center Vertically:

Once they are all centered, you are going to attach them all together:

After you attached them you should have something like:

7: In our blue rectangle (the second rectangle that we added) we are going to place 3 lines that are going to guide us with the following dimensions:

Taking this into consideration we are going to place the vertical lines that we attached inside those 3 limits, something like:

After we place it, we are going to remove/delete the guidelines and you should have something like:

And now, we are going to select all our vertical lines and our rectangle and we are going to attach them all together.

8: We are going to add 2 more rectangles with the following dimensions:

9: At this point you should have the following elements:

10: Using the upload functionality, we are going to upload the following images: 

πŸ’‘Tip: You have to upload one file / image at the time, but you can add all of them together to the canvas.

11: Now we are going to resize each one of the images that we just added.

  • Vase Bottom: Β W: 4.585” and H: 4.589” and we are going to duplicate the bottom image.
  • Bow_1: W: 1.876” and H: 1.513” and we are going to duplicate the image.
  • Bow_2: W: 5.311” and H: 1.584”

πŸ’‘Tip: To add the H and W in the Size section independently , you need to first click on the lock, so it’s unlocked and then you can proceed adding the different measurements.

πŸ’‘IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are going to use a bigger Floral Foam Hemisphere, you need to adjust the measurement of your design.

If your diameter is larger or smaller than the one that we are using, enlarge or reduce the design until the inner circle of each of the blue circular pieces (the section without the tabs) is about the same size as your foam hemisphere’s base. Make sure to select everything when resizing and keep the lock icon closed to maintain the proportions.

12: At this point you should have the following elements:

13: We are going to save our Vase, since all the VASE designs are READY!

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