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Step 3: Weeding

💡Tip: You are going to be doing the Weeding between your cuts so you can continue use your mat for the next cut, for this type of projects we recommend at least have 2 mats.

1: After our elements are already cut, we can start the weeding. Managing cardstock in the green mat could be a little complicated if you do not handle the cardstock gently. 

Make sure to wave your mat a little bit and then bend / fold you mat in order for the cardstock to unglue from the mat, and then proceed with the same process with the different elements:

💡Tip: You can use the scrapper to gently pull the cardstock out of the mat. Also before removing the flowers, make sure that all the petals and not sticked to the mat.

2: We are going to apply the same process to all our elements: flowers, bow, vase, leaves, etc.

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