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Step 4.1: Assemble the Vase

1: We are going to start with our base, first we are going to grab our 2 circles and we are going to fold all the dents inside each circle, you can use the scrapper or a rule to help you with this:

2: Now we are going to grab our vase interior and the bottom and top of the base and we are going to start gluing each dent into the interior of the vase.

After you glue all the dents, you should have something like this:

💡Tip: We recommend to do the bottom and the top at the same time.

3: Now we are going to grab our vase exterior, and we are going to glue the bottom of the exterior with the bottom of the cylinder that we just created:

After gluing all the bottom, you should have something like this at the top of the base:

BEFORE gluing the top, you are going to place your hand over the top and push down a little bit, you are going to see that the different cuts generate like a bend and you can notice the interior of the base:

We need to glue to obtain that effect, so you are going to apply glue and then push the exterior and hold it for a couple of seconds, until the glue is dry. You should have something like:

4: We are going to now assemble the bow, you are going to bend each side of the bow, and then apply glue to each side and glue it in the middle:

5: You are going to round the middle with the small rectangle and glue it on the back and add the 2 small ribbon pieces also glued on the back

6: You are going to gran the longest rectangle and you are going to glue it over the top of the base and also glue your bow into it:

Your vase should be something like this:

7: Using hot glue, we are going to glue our hemisphere on the top of the vase:

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