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Step 4.3: Assemble the Vase with the Flowers

1: Now it’s time to start adding your lovely flowers to the vase! We are going to use hot glue to glue them to our foam hemisphere. We recommend starting by adding the flowers one by one in the way that you like the most.

💡Tip: If your wire is too long, you can cut it to the desire measurement.

You can also start adding some leaves, in our case we glue them with hot glue on the stem of the leaves and in some cases we glue it to the back of a flower if needed.

💡Tip: Also, you can check if you need more flowers, more leaves based on your physical arrangement.

2: After all these steps!!!! YOU ARE DONE!! You have a great decor piece that you can use to enhance any place in your house or give as a gift to a loved one! Well done!

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