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Step 1.2: ‘You had me at Tacos’ Design

We are going to apply some of the same concepts and functionalities that we used with our first design!

1: We are going to install 2 fonts for our design. In order to do this, you need to download the fonts that we are providing. After that, follow the steps that are showing on your device in order to finish the installation. 

The fonts that we are going to use are called: Tacos de Tijuana and Bellarose DEMO. Click on each of them to download them to your computer first.

For MacOS, the steps to install the font are:

💡Tip: In order to be able to use the fonts that you just installed, you need to close your cricut and open it again so the new fonts are showing on your font list.

2: After both fonts were installed, we can start our design!. We are going to use Text functionality to write the word: TACOS and we are going to change the font for: “Tacos de Tijuana”

3: After that, we are going to click on the text and by right click over the text we are going to Ungroup the text so we can change the color for each letter:

After Ungrouping the Text:

💡Tip: You can do the same by just using the text functionality and write letter by letter.

4: We are going to change the color to each letter, to something like:

💡Tip: The idea is to have very fun colors!

5: After you change all the colors, following the same process as we did for the “Ungroup” we are going to do the opposite and we are going to group the text again.

6: Now, we are going to add the following phrase using Text functionality: “you had me at” and we are going to change the font to: Bellarose DEMO

7: Using the Upload functionality we are going to upload our Mexican hat, provided in this tutorial. You need to make sure that you saved the image in your device previously. We are going to follow the process that we did when we uploaded the tent on the previous design.

8: We are going to resize the hat and put it over the “you” word:

9: Using Images functionality, we are going to search for lines and we are going to use the one that is kind of wavy:

💡Tip: You can also search by the ID of the image, in this case is: #M439A4

10: After adding this image we are going to add over the heart shape a rectangle and we are going to slice it in order remove it from the design, since we want only the line. 

After the slice you should have something like:

And we are going to remove the hearts and the slice result:

11: We are going to locate in the middle of the 2 texts, and we are going to resize it thinner than the original design, something like:

12: We are going to slice the left over of the line so it ends at the same length as the text:

At the end you should have something like:

13: Now we are going to select all the elements and we are going to group them and flatten them:

14: We are going to create the offset now, following the same process as before, after creating the offset you should have something like:

15: We are going to put aside the offset and you are going to notice that there are some blank spaces showing, those blank spaces are going to be cut later. We suggest removing those blank spaces, but this is up to you.

In order to remove them, we are going to fill those blank spaces with small shapes and we are going to weld them:

After the weld, you should have something like:

16: Now, we are going to change the color, in our case white color, and we are going to overlap the design over the offset, and using the Align functionality to make sure that they are centered

17: After, we are going to attach and flatten them.

18: We are going to make sure that the size is something similar to 3” x 3”, remember that this is only a suggestion!

19: After this our second design is ready!

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