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Step 2: Print and Cut The Design

1: Before start printing and cutting our design, we need to make sure that we are going to cut with the right cricut machine, in order to do this, we are going to click on Maker in the top Right Menu, next to Make Green button and in there, we are going to chose our machine, in our case we are using a Cricut Maker

2: We are ready to start printing and cutting, so you are going to click on the MAKE green button.

We are going to see something like:

3: We are going to click on Continue

4: When you click on Send to Printer, in here you select the printer device, the amount of copies. We are going to turn off the Bleed. And then click on Print.

💡Tip: Based on your printer, you should change the paper type by enabling System Dialog and also in your printer. In our case with our printer, only changing the paper type in the printer is enough.

5: Based on your printer, you need to add the paper on the tray, in our case, the glossy part of the paper is going to be facing down.

6: After the print is ready, we suggest waiting at least 5-10 minutes before cutting so the design is not affected by the cricut rolls while cutting.

7: When we are ready to cut, we are going to select Vinyl material with Less pressure:

8: Now that our configurations are ready, we are going to proceed to add our vinyl in our physical mat, in order to do that, we grab our vinyl/stickers and our mat. 

9: Once the Mat was uploaded, we are going to click on the Cut button and the machine is going to start cutting and you are going to be able to see the progress of the cut on your device screen.

For the print then cut process, the machine first is going to read the square lines that were added when printed, if you are cutting in a very dark room, we recommend turning on the lights.

10: After the cut is done, the upload/download mat button is going to start blinking, meaning the cut is ready, so you are able to download the mat from your machine and proceed to add the next mat following the same process.

Also, you are going to notice a check next to your mat on your device screen, so with this you can differentiate which mat/design was already cut and which ones not yet.

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