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Step 1.1: “I put a spell on you” design

1: First we are going to install the fonts that we are going to use in our design. In order to do this, you need to download them: Beautiful Dream and Magnificent Serif

After that, follow the steps that are showing on your device in order to finish the installation. 

For MacOS, the steps to install the font are:

💡Tip: You need to make sure that Design Space is closed before installing the new font, if not you have to close it and open it again in order to see the font listed on your Fonts types in Design Space.

2: Now, we are going to open our Design Space, we are going to create a new project and in a blank canvas we are going to add 2 Pentagons by using the shapes functionality:

3: We are going to change the color to white and overlap them to try to form like a star, something like:

4: Using the score line, we are going to change it to basic cut so it is not scored anymore. We are going to use 5 of them to mark the lines of the pentagon that is at the bottom over the one that is on top.

We are going to zoom in, so it is easier to add the lines into the design, and playing with the resize and the angles we are going to start adding them, one by one:

So basically we want to generate with the lines something like the red lines that are showing below:

5: Once all the lines are placed, we are going to change the color to the 2 pentagons to a dark violet:

6: Once all the lines are placed, we are going to select all the elements: 5 lines, and 2 pentagons and we are going to attach them:

7: Using the Images functionalities we are going to search by: bat and cauldron in order to place them in our canvas:

💡Tip: You can also search by the code/ID of the image, in our case the codes/IDs are: 

  • Bat: #M3AE536D3
  • Cauldron: #M786603A

8: We are going to start writing our phrase we are going to split it in 4 lines:

  • First line: I PUT
  • Second line: A
  • Third line: Spell
  • Fourth Line: On You

9:We are going to change the font by clicking on one of the texts, and clicking on Font in the top bar horizontal menu, in there you are going to select System tab and in there you can search by the name of the font that we installed previously.

We are going to use the following fonts for each text line:

  • First line: I PUT -> Magnificent Serif:
  • Second line: A -> Magnificent Serif:
  • Third line: Spell -> Beautiful Dream
  • Fourth Line: On You -> Magnificent Serif:

After you change the font of all the different texts, you should have something like:

10: We are going to start placing all the elements inside our pentagons. You have to resize each of the components so they fit nicely. First we are going to add our 2 images, something like:

11: Now, we are going to place our text:

12: Using the shapes functionality, we are going to add some starts:

13: And … something is missing under: “ON YOU” text, so we can add another small bat in there:

💡Tip: You can add any other halloween image that you like!

14: After we are happy with the design, we are going to select all the elements in our design, including the pentagons and we are going to Flatten our design:

💡Tip: with Flatten functionality, we are changing the operation from Basic cut to Print and Cut.

15: We are now going to create an offset for our sticker, this is like a margin, so the machine instead of cutting from the border of our design, is going to cut from the offset border. We are going to locate the offset functionality, personally we like the offset to be: 0.12”, curved margins and we recommend always keep the weld functionality checked:

After you create the offset, by default the offset is black.

16: If we move to a side our offset, we are going to notice that there are some blank spaces, those blank spaces are going to be cut, in order to avoid this, we are going to add some small shapes (like circles, rectangles or any shape that you like) all over the blank spaces, and we are going to Weld them

After adding all the shapes:

After Weld them:

💡Tip: Every time that you apply and offset, take a look at the result to check if you want those parts to be cut or not. You can also change the offset color to any color that you want.

17: We are now going to overlap our design over the offset, we are going to make sure that they are fully centered, and we are going to attach them and flatten them.

18: We are going to check the measurement of our final design, normally stickers are 3” x 3”, so we are going to use that size for our design:

💡Tip: You can do your stickers bigger or smaller based on your design and preference.

19: After you are happy with the design, especially with the measurements, we are ready to save our design, Click on Save button on the Right Top side of the screen and provide a name to your design and click on Save button.

20: After this.. Your sticker is READY!!!! You DID IT!!! 

Since when you print and cut, you are not able to print on the same sheet of paper again, we are going to provide a couple of cute images that are ready to be printed and cut so you can add to your design! BUT also, we are going to teach you how to do 2 more designs really quickly using the same functionalities as on the first design! So if you have any concerns, just check the steps that we did with our first design!

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