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Step 1.2: “LOVE” Sticker

We are going to apply some of the same concepts and functionalities that we used with our first design!

1: We are going to use the Text functionality and we are going to add 3 different texts: L , V, E and we are going to change the font to: Annlie Extra Bold and we are going to change the color to Black.

2: Using shapes functionality, we are going to add a heart and change the color to red:

3: At this point we are going to arrange the letters and the heart so it reads: LOVE, something like:

4: Now, using the Align functionality, we are going to align them so they are centered correctly, in our case we aligned them horizontally:

5: When your alignment is done, we are going to just flatten the design.

💡Tip: We are not going to attach the design, because if we attach it, we are going to lose the 2 different colors of our design.

6: The last step is to create the offset, the same as we did with our previous design. 

💡Tip: Remember to attach and Flatten you offset with your design!

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