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Step 1.3: Adding cute extra images!

1: Using the upload functionality, the same as we used before, we are going to upload the following images:

💡Tip: You have to upload them one by one, BUT you can select them all together in order to add it to the canvas. Also, you can use any image that you want, there is no need to have a SVG extension for the print then cut functionality.

2: After you upload them, you should have something like:

3: You are going to select each image at the time, resize it to the desired size and add the offset.

💡Tip: You can change the colors to one of the flowers for example to create more stickers if you need to fill the sheet that you are going to print. Or you can play with different offsets colors.

4: Remember to Save your project every time that you do a modification in order to avoid losing anything if something happens!

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