Let’s get Crafting together!

Hi I’m Louise

I fell in love with Cricut over 2 years ago when I decided to DIY my own wedding. Whilst it was a steep learning curve to begin with, using my Cricut is second nature to me now, and I get great satisfaction from making all sorts of projects. Now that I have the skills and know-how I want to pay it forward and share the joy of crafting with as many people as possible. I believe the best way to learn a new skill is to have someone teach you, step by step. That’s why I decided to create the Design Space Ultimate Guide. It’s the book I wish I had when I got started.

“My goal is to help you learn how to use the Design Space so that you can make amazing projects with your Cricut!”

What is Crafty Club?

Here are Crafty Club we have 6 core values:

Crafty Club Points

You earn points in two ways. The first way is by completing project tutorials.

  • Beginner = 10 Points
  • Intermediate = 15 Points
  • Advanced = 25 Points

Secondly, you earn Points when other Members like your posts or comments. 1 like = 1 Point. This encourages Members to produce quality content and interact with other Members in their community.

As you gain Points, you level up. Your level is shown next to your name and Avatar throughout the website.

  • Level 1 – 0 points
  • Level 2 – 15 points
  • Level 3 – 35 points
  • Level 4 – 70 points
  • Level 5 – 175 points
  • Level 6 – 300 points
  • Level 7 – 500 points
  • Level 8 – 1000 points
  • Level 9 – 1500 points
  • Level 10 – 2000 points